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Interact with innovative leaders making an impact for good in Greater Cincinnati and beyond.

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About Good Discovery(s)

Share a day in celebration of civic design as well as all the creatives working to make a positive impact in key sectors like art, education, health and wellness. Experience brainstorms, design sprints, keynote talks, networking and panels. Interact with artists and creatives building products and services that impact communities for good.


Memorial Hall OTR delivers historic spirit and one-of-a-kind design. It’s the perfect setting for a creative experience like the Good Discovery(s) Festival. Join us at the 2019 Good Discovery(s) Festival March 26. The creative team that launched the Cincinnati Podcast Festival proudly returns to Memorial Hall in Cincinnati’s historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.


Dr b sitting at desk

Kelly Beischel

Life Coaching, Positive Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Education, Wellness

As an experienced nursing professor and positive psychology life coach, Kelly Beischel creates, lives, and works in the intersection of business building, creativity, and holistic wellbeing to help people perform at their best under pressure. Beischel continues to build her coaching consultancy, Dr. B Presents, while introducing the concepts of positive psychology to the business and life coaching market.

Betty bollas

Betty Bollas

Beer, Food Innovation, Urban Farming

Betty Bollas has 15 years of experience in workforce development and human resources. In addition to owning Fibonacci Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Betty is very involved in urban farming and the local Mount Healthy community. Betty is a Society of Human Resources Certified Professional, the leader for her local Pink Boots Society Chapter, and the chair of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association’s Equity and Inclusion Committee.

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Derrick Braziel

Entrepreneurship, Community, Diversity

Derrick Braziel serves as a Founding Partner and Development Director of MORTAR, an organization dedicated to enabling historically marginalized entrepreneurs to start businesses, change communities, and build generational wealth. Derrick’s work receives recognition from major media outlets like Politico, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Essence Magazine, NBC Nightly News, and Forbes 30 under 30 list of Social Entrepreneurs. He is an Echoing Green and 2016-17 BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) Fellow, a 2018 Next City Vanguard and 2019 Obama Foundation Fellow.


Stevi Gable Carr

Wellness, Healthcare, Women Entrepreneurship

Stevi Gable Carr is the Founder of WISe Wellness Guild, a community dedicated to the advancement of women business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders towards mental, physical, ad occupational wellness.  An experienced brand leader with chapters at Procter & Gamble, Newell Rubbermaid, and UC Health, Carr sources her marketing skills to ignite innovation in the areas of healthcare and wellness.

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Kris Chari

Coffee, Food Innovation, Sustainability

Kris Chari is the Executive Vice President of Rooted Grounds. He comes from the adult beverage distribution industry (Glazer’s Wine and Spirits). Kris is responsible for the entrance and growth in all three of Rooted Grounds’ distribution channels (retail, office, and food service). A former corporate trainer with the Darden Restaurant Group, Kris is instrumental in new product development, and implementation as Rooted Grounds launches coffees into multiple markets across six states. .

Doug crouch headshot

Doug Crouch

Ecology, Food Innovation, Sustainability

Doug Crouch is a Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager. He has extensive experience surrounding landscape planning and food production systems. His regenerative design and implementation work span the globe. He lives on third-generation land in Northern Kentucky, stewarding and educating at Treasure Lake Forest and Farm.

Dave curtain food forest

David Curtain

Food Innovation, Community, Technology

David Curtain is the Founder of Food Forest, a social enterprise re-engineering the food value chain to improve food access in high need areas via online grocery. Curtain grows Food Forest by sourcing his experience as a Digital Controller at Kroger and a grocery e-commerce professional experienced in curbside delivery and shipping.

Sean c davis 2018

Sean C Davis

Podcasting, Storytelling, Music, Web Design

Sean C Davis identifies the starting point of his development career at the marketing technology department of Messer Construction. His interest in web design and development consistently ignites multiple side projects and these side projects have led to staff positions at various agencies including Topic Design and Ample. Davis polishes his skills for interactive storytelling via the podcast Squirrel Stories, combining live music, live storytelling by guests and an energetic crowd at a favorite bar.

Ryan doan 2673

Ryan Doan

Community, Food Innovation, Sustainability

Ryan Doan is an accounting and corporate finance professional and founder of Urban Greens, community-supported agriculture (CSA) in Cincinnati’s East End. Doan and his wife Megan continue their work as farmers in Morrow, Ohio, as the owners of Fresh To Morrow, a farm and retailer providing fresh products from local fields and forests.

Linnea gartin pd 10.1.19

Linnea Gartin

Art, Education, Podcasting

Linnea Gartin is an Adjunct Professor at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and Director of Programs at ArtWorks, a Cincinnati-based organization for supporting and training artists. Gartin sources her commitment to civic art as a member of Art Hags, a unique collective committed to artistic expression without limits and reinserting women into creative narratives.

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Matt Gillespie

Social Entrepreneurship, CBD, Renewable Energy Tech

Matt Gillespie is a formally trained industrial designer and serial social entrepreneur whose passion for creating a better world has brought him across the globe- from assembling bamboo bikes in Berlin to testing solar energy technology in the banana fields of Guatemala.  After helping to found the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute in college, Matt became a foundational member of GoSun, a renewable energy tech company with more than a dozen successful product launches. As the company’s marketing director from 2013-2018, Matt worked on many wildly successful crowdfunding campaigns. He helped to coordinate GoSun’s design research and innovation pilot in Guatemala with the backing of the U.N. Foundation. 

Following his service of the green energy revolution at GoSun, Matt moved to San Francisco to pursue his other great passion- the emerging field of psychedelics in the 21st Century.  It was there he found The Third Wave, an organization founded “to restart an informative and rational dialogue concerning psychedelic use and to encourage the use of small to moderate amounts for therapeutic and creative reasons.” As a collaborator and client of Paul Austin, The Third Wave’s founder, and a volunteer for the San Francisco Psychedelic Society, Matt has a unique insider’s perspective on the unfolding psychedelic renaissance at hand. 

Taking from this experience and inspired by changing norms and the power of CBD, Matt’s latest venture, Kola Flower Co., has become Ohio’s leading soft-cannabis company, providing smokable and legal CBD flower products for release and relaxation. Matt now splits his time between Oakland, CA and Cincinnati, OH and can be found on Instagram- @TheThirstySol.

Josh jones

Joshua Jones

Urban Farming, Food Innovation, Sustainability

Waterfields, a specialty produce grower located in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides microgreens, edible flowers, premium salad mixes, and herbs throughout the Midwest.  You eat their produce today in local restaurants such as Jeff Ruby’s, Branch, Nicola’s, and hundreds more, including popular bars like Tokyo Kitty.  Serving markets as far as Chicago and Nashville, last year, they sold 7 tons of microgreens and over a quarter-million edible flowers.

Joshua Jones is their newly minted Greenhouse Manager, responsible for all hydroponic greenhouse operations of the business.  Formerly the Community Garden Farm Manager for Turner Farm, and with extensive plant anatomy/physiology knowledge, Jones enables Waterfields to bring commodity crop production into the 21st Century for large foodservice distributors all across the region.

Erika meyer judd com lthumb

Erika Meyer Judd

Data Science, Social Responsibility, Sustainability

Erika Meyer Judd is a Director of Data Science and Research at 84.51°. 84.51° is the data science, customer experience, and the media arm of the Kroger Co. As the creator of the company’s geospatial capabilities team, Judd expanded location-based science across its portfolio of solutions. Erika is the head of 84.51 °’s Corporate Social Responsibility program and Liaison for Kroger’s Zero Hunger Zero Waste Initiative. She has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a Graduate degree in Geography from the University of Cincinnati. Erika currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Tender Mercies, Our Daily Bread, and is on the Dean’s Advisory Board for U.C.’s College of Arts and Sciences. .

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Liz Miller

Art, Art Administration

Liz Miller is an amalgam. Liz continually bounces back and forth between her hats as artist, athlete, educator, coach, and administrator. Her artistic work examines the duality of being, her physical experience with the world, and her feminist values. Liz is a passionate and talented arts administrator. The Cincinnati Enquirer recognizes her work with ArtWorks Cincinnati, managing the New Lines project in Bolivar Alley, Pendleton. She’s a curator and manager of the light-based sculptural installations for BLINK.

Jeffrey miller   last mile food rescue

Jeffrey Miller

Food Innovation, Brand Strategy, Community, Sustainability

Jeffrey Miller is a repeat entrepreneur dedicated to reducing food waste via initiatives Fourth Harvest and Epicure Cincinnati. He’s a People’s Liberty grantee and recipient of a Cincy Green Umbrella ‘‘Save the Food’ grant. Through his multiple startups, Miller combines his consumer packed goods marketing experience with culinary training and hospitality management background. Through his work, Miller helps people overcome food insecurity while reducing the volume of food waste.


Michaela Oldfield

Food Law, Organic Waste Collection, Community Agriculture, Food Access

Michaela Oldfield, J.D., Ph.D., is Director, Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council, at Green Umbrella. She’s director of action teams focused on multiple initiatives including healthy food access, urban ag zoning, neighborhood organic waste collection and water access. A former Global Food Law Research Fellow, Oldfield combines her experiences in community agriculture education and food law in support of sustainability policy at Green Umbrella.

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Jess Kropczynski, Ph.D.

Civic Technology, City Planning, Emergency Management

Jess Kropczynski, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Technology at the University of Cincinnati. Her research interests are primarily in the design and evaluation of civic technology to support collective action in community networks ranging from city planning to emergency management. She has also worked with local and state governments to assess the communication and information needs of target audiences to promote informed decision-making.

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Amy Scarpello

Art, Entrepreneurship

Amy Scarpello is an artist and entrepreneur, as well as a recipient of a People’s Liberty grant for her beloved art installation PLOP!, which she manages as an ongoing project. Amy has shown her work at the Dayton Institute of Art, Semantics Gallery, and the Rosenberg Gallery in Baltimore. She also co-owns Pull Club Studio, a screenprinting shop owned and operated by women artists.

Tamia stinson people s liberty

Tamia Stinson

Creative Director, Stylist, Marketer

Tamia Stinson is the founder of Tether, a community and talent agency for creative image-makers. An experienced stylist, creative director and former grantee of People’s Liberty, a Cincinnati-based Philanthropic Lab, Stinson is also founder of Creative City, a podcast focused on Cincinnati’s creative class.

Kaliah ware

Kailah Ware

Filmmaking, Community, Photography

Kailah Ware is a mixed-media artist and People’s Liberty grantee. Kailah Ware is a native of Cincinnati’s West End, who prioritizes inclusivity and connectivity as the driving forces behind her media projects. Ware continues to put her artistic skills and purpose to the test via Ezzard Charles in Laurel Park, an interactive project involving a frontier technology, public artwork, and a public park in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood.

Alan wight

R. Alan Wight

Environmental Sustainability, Action Research, Community Supported Agriculture, Food Innovation

R. Alan Wight, Ph.D., is on faculty at The Christ College of Nursing. He runs their Service Learning Program and leads the Mt. Auburn Gardens Initiative. Alan also works with the University of Cincinnati, as their School and Community Food Forest Liaison, and teaches Fruit and Nut Production for Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. Alan is passionate about raising collective food consciousness by creating Food Maps. Recent publications include A Cincinnati Farming and Food History, A Critical Pedagogy of Agriculture, and Ecology, Energy, and Alternative Agriculture: A New Synthesis. Alan’s dissertation examines the types of learning and education that occur within Community Supported Agriculture Programs. His current project is Edible City: An Art Atlas.


March 25

Doors Open

Good Discovery(s). Welcome to the Main Event. Coffee / Creative Pop-Ups / Networking

Tangeman University Center

TUC Cinema / Room 220

8:00 AM

Good Discovery(s) Morning Keynote

Igniting Purpose through Whole-Self Wellness - Stevi Gable Carr, Founder, WISe Wellness Guild

Connected offices. Smart Homes. Immersive Social Media. Life in the Era of Global Data can be overwhelming. Launch Good Discovery(s) with Stevi Gable Carr, Founder of WISe Wellness Guild, a community dedicated to the advancement of women business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders towards mental, physical, and occupational wellness. Learn creative strategies for finding your center in how you create, live, and work. You’ll discover the value of purpose and how to implement it powerfully. – TUC Cinema / Room 220

9:00 AM

Breakout Session #1

Breakouts / Brainstorms / Design Sprints / Panels / Presentations

Food Innovation Track: The Edible City. Past, Present, and Future - Doug Crouch, Treasure Lake Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager, Joshua Jones, Greenhouse Manager, Waterfields

We are Growing in our Edible City. Explore our region’s land use and how vertical farming, permaculture, and animal husbandry have impacted our city. - TUC Cinema / Room 220

Arts & Culture Track: Transforming the Performance Review into an Artistic Tool of Empowerment - Amy Scarpello, Co-owner, Pull Club Studio, Liz Miller, Curator, Blink

Take part in a design exercise with the ART HAGS, a collective committed to artistic expression without limits. Transform the performance review from workplace drudgery to a creative feeling of empowerment. You’ll evaluate a group of your choosing, and learn to document their voices, observations, and perspectives honestly. You’ll see performance reviews as artistic tools for good. – TUC Room 417

Community & Wellness Track: TBD - TBD

TBD. - TUC Room 425

Innovation & Startups Track: TBD - TBD

TBD – TUC Room 427

10:00 AM

Breakout Session #2

Breakouts / Brainstorms / Design Sprints / Panels / Presentations

Breakouts / Brainstorms / Design Sprints / Panels / Presentations

Food Innovation Track: The Edible City. Past, Present, and Future - Kris Chari, Executive Vice President at Rooted Grounds, Ryan Doan, Co-owner of Fresh To Morrow, Betty Bollas, Owner, Fibonacci Brewing Company, Matt Gillespie, Founder, The Third Wave

Making. Join us for a closer look at innovations in production with a focus on a removable bees frame (developed in Oxford, Ohio), the global impact of P&G’s cottonseed (oils and fiber) engineering, to our beer & wine revolution and revival. - TUC Cinema / Room 220

Arts & Culture Track: TBD

TBD. – TUC Room 417

Community & Wellness Track: TBD - TBD

TBD. - TUC Room 425

Innovation & Startups Track: Smart Homes - Safe Homes: Connecting Our Local Infrastructure - Jess Kropczynski, Ph.D., UC Urban Futures Initiative

Despite the unprecedented potential for data sharing to improve the safety of individual citizens, there has previously been little physical, a digital, or theoretical connection between smart homes and smart cities. This session discusses opportunities and challenges to harnessing the data revolution to improve public safety. – TUC Room 427

11:00 AM

Good Discovery(s) Lunch Keynote

Fireside chat with UC Urban Futures Initiative Leadership - Kathie Maynard, Farrah Jacquez, Jess Kropczynsk, UC Urban Futures Initiative

The new UC Urban Futures Initiative Leadership team is currently leading conversations with community members to develop a new center that will create and support research partnerships between UC and the community that promotes opportunity in Cincinnati and beyond. A broader goal is to make Cincinnati a better place to live, work, learn, and play. The leadership team hopes to hear feedback from attendees to help shape the vision and goals of this initiative. – TUC Cinema / Room 220

1:00 PM

Breakout Session #3

Breakouts / Brainstorms / Design Sprints / Panels / Presentations

Food Innovation Track: The Edible City. Past, Present, and Future - Ana Bird, Kristin Gangwer, Produce Perks, David Curtain, Founder, Food Forest, Tevis Foreman, Director, Urban Farming, Cincinnati Health Department, Erika Judd, 8451

Eating. Learn about trends in our local food movement and novel approaches to addressing access and affordability. - TUC Room 415

Arts & Culture Track: Connect with your Community. Become A Wonky Ohio Star - Linnea Gartin, Adjunct Professor, Art Academy of Cincinnati

Join artist Linnea Gartin for Wonky Ohio Stars, an interactive quilting experience using readymade materials to connect the Good Discovery(s) audience with surrounding communities. You’ll leave the session with a new understanding of ‘Wonky’ and takeaway ideas for joining community, family, and neighbors via art and quilting. – TUC Room 400A

Community & Wellness Track: Ignite the Upside in your Darkside and Boost Creativity - Kelly Beischel, Founder, Dr. B Presents

Those dark feelings we believe need to be hidden, and medicated can now be unleashed. Kelly Beischel, Founder of the coaching consultancy Dr. B Presents, introduces a new chapter in her positive psychology work. Take part in an interactive presentation and learn how to experience negative feelings that can, in turn, ignite the upside of your business efforts and creative lives. Learn new ways to unwrap your dark emotions and transform them into tools for empowerment. You’ll leave with new frameworks for business and artistic growth. - TUC Room 400B

Innovation & Startups Track: TBD - TBD

TBD – TUC Room 400C

2:00 PM

Breakout Session #4

Breakouts / Brainstorms / Design Sprints / Panels / Presentations

Food Innovation Track: The Edible City. Past, Present, and Future - Derek Brazil, Mortar, Erika Judd, 8451, Michaela Oldfield, Greater Regional Cincinnati Food Policy Council, Green Umbrella

We are envisioning our Edible City. The past, present, and future converge in this conversation. Be part of the discussion about how Ecology, economics, and policy shape our area’s food system. - TUC Room 415

Arts & Culture Track: TBD

TBD. – TUC Room 400A

Community & Wellness Track: TBD - TBD

TBD. - TTUC Room 400B

Innovation & Startups Track: TBD - TBD

TBD – TUC Room 400C

3:00 PM

Good Discovery(s) Closing Keynote

Connecting Communities, Igniting Cincinnati’s West End Neighborhood via Interactive Art - Kailah Ware, Sunny Blu Art

Dive deep into an interactive art project and transform your creative strategies for growing your brand and business. This session will preview Ezzard Charles in Laurel Park, a cutting-edge, civic art, design, and technology project poised to ignite Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood. This keynote will inspire you to design, build, and implement interactive storytelling in your life and work. You’ll also discover how interactive storytelling powerfully connects communities. – TUC Cinema / Room 220

5:00 PM